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HOFTOPIA HAS A NEW BAKERY DELIVERY SYSTEM G L WalterBChronicle Walter B. Cronical the oldest reporter at the "Nonadvancing
Daily News" with his newest plug & play fax keyboard in hand palm thingie, typOing every unsorted detail...reporting

While this reporter was ever so roving around the globe trying to find King Andrew while keeping track of the whereabouts of the Queen and them three un-named kids I was called state side by my Flash Editor to track down some late breaking news in Hoftopia. Not being so quick typing and reporting while trying to find the Queen Mum's brother Merlin the Magician to do his magic wammy pammy boom paa poo and throw some sunshine on Dark Day At The Bridge I got lost as usual.

While lost and wandering the streets and the over and under of the sometime ago troll laden bridges of Hoftopia I stumbled upon something in the road that looked very familiar. There they were again little round piles of stuff, sort of round but with bumpy kind of nubs, kind of a like light chocolate in color with some white powdery specks here and there. As I followed the path of droppings I decided to do a scratch and sniff of the stuff. WHOA! HOLLY MOLY MACARONI, I KNOW that scent and that texture...

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