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Da Ya Know What Tomorrow Is???? Harry White hrwhite Wow from trout in the Sierra to piss clams on Staten Island. It is amazing how a string develops.
I remember digging up the piss clams, bringing them home and steaming them. Once steamed ya would get ahold of da neck, pull da clam out of da shell, dip it in melted butter, put it in your mouth and bite it off at the neck. Great taste. Drank da broth out of a cup and washed it all down with a glass of beer.
That beer was special. It was draft R&H bought at Semilars in Grant City and brought home in a bucket. Dad didn't like bottled beer, though he drank any other alcoholic beverage that came in bottles. Any one else remember a bucket of suds?
I guess those of us who ate the sea life from the waters around the Island are survivors.

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