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Well don't know if I'd go so far as to be called Queen (sounds like you've read the archives and Hotopia oops!!! I mean Hoftopia Chronicles) LOL but thanks for the nice post.

Now to figuring out who U R...

Let's see I received a couple of e-mails - you also mentioned my life long best friend since childhood who still lives on SI...Midland Beach to be exact :)

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Elizabeth (assuming your signature is your real name) - could that be shortened to Betty or Liz or Beth? Well only Beth I know lives near by & only Liz I know does too, so I'll go with "Betty" cause I know a few.

R U Betty P. (maiden name Freeo) , Betty ?. (maiden name McKenna) or could U B Betty L. (maiden name England)Betty F. (better know as Betty uP) ??????

I know!!! You're Betty Boop LOL :)

Come out, come out wherever U R............

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