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Da Ya Know What Tomorrow Is???? Marguerite Rivas sipoet I stopped at the Getty Station on Richmond Terrace near Snug Harbor to buy a snapple. It was a beautiful, blue sky, sunny day today. Someone had made a makeshift fishing dock at the water's edge near the abandoned rail road tracks and there were quite a few people fishing today or just"wettin' a line" as my dad used to say. The Princess Bay Yacht Club and SS White's and St. Mary's beach are some places I remember going night casting with my dad. I hated it when he caught eel (Yuuchk). He'd take 'em home and chop their heads off while I'd watch 'em squirm. He'd clean them and freeze them. I hated running into one of those things wrapped in tin foil when I went sneaking in the freezer for ice cream. UgggHHH!! I remember my dad used to take us digging for worms in the early evening. It was fun but you had to watch out for those piss clams. Gross, really gross, to a nine year old girl, believe me. Could put you right off boys, I'll tell you. I'm sitting here looking at a picture of the Conference House Beach now wishing I were there right now. Horseshoe crabs and all.

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