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HOFTOPIA HAS A NEW BAKERY DELIVERY SYSTEM Marcene Daniels oldtimer Well as the buns slowly dribbled down to a precious few Old Tymer got to thinking. Enough already. Get on with life, so she called a cab and went property shopping. She had something in mind for sure.
After contacting her friendly realtor, she had her show her many old Victorian homes. Finally she found one special place. It was kind of secluded behind a few big chestnut trees and way back off the street. Plenty of room for cars to park and not be seen from the front of the house.
It came furnished with comfortable furniture and had about ten rooms to be used for sleeping or whatever else on had in mind. OT had a lot in mind LOL.
She knew of so many ladies that could use some folding money and were not to shy to admit it. Her having familiarized herself with the law while in Richmond County Jail in the past she knew who's palm to grease. Guess what she was up to now? DBlivitt would be watching. OLD NACL of course would fight RS to get first in line.
Little Leeza Brown would contact all her friends to apply for a job and of course when Doc. Sunderson gets wind of the money to be the doctor of the house, he will want in on it too.
Well here we go. Fun??

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