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Da Ya Know What Tomorrow Is???? Harry White hrwhite Hey Bob ya right on da meat fisherman. Dat was my dad. At the time there was a 16 inch minimum on strippers. If dad caught on under size he buried it in da sand. That was a meal on the table.
While I enjoyed surf fishing my true love was freshwater fishing. I started as a bait fisherman with sticks, bent pin hooks, worms and bobbers. I think I liked to see the bobber go under when a fish struck. I eventually went to a casting rig and fished with Hula Poppers, Jitterbugs and Flatfish. The next move was to a fly rod. Bubby Jachowski, Donnie Catchpole and I would go early in the morning or at dusk. The uniform of the day was hip boots, big pocket fatigue pants, a white tee shirt (not sure there were any other colors in those days) and an Army surplus fatigue hat rolled up in the front. Our favorite fishing holes were Camaron Pond behind the Old Mill on Hylan Blvd and the lake Wolfs Pond Park (funny we always called it a lake). We would hitch hike or take the bus. We caught crappies, sunnys and large mouth bass. Those were great summer experiences. We released most of what we caught. We also got into fly tying. It was a real thrill to catch a fish on a fly that you had tied. I still have a few of the flys I tied and a bamboo flyrod that I made myself.
I too bought one of those Airex spinning reels and at about that same time. Used the spinning outfit when there was no room for a backcast.
I keep my fly fishing and spin fishing equipment in my truck. When I see a pretty piece of water I pull over and fish for a while. I keep most of the fish I catch now. I have a smoker and Leigh, my wife, and I love the fresh smoked trout. Guess I'm back to being a meat fisherman.

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