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Da Ya Know What Tomorrow Is???? Robert Sheridan bobsheridan As mentioned, Old StatNisland fishermen were meat-hunters!

If hand grenades or dynamite were available, you would have heard lotsa Ka-Booms! across the waters.

At the tip of the Great Kills Beach peninsula they built a rock jetty, very inviting to the fisherfolk. With a swim mask you could go diving for the rigs and lead weights snagged by the boulders.

I had a box of old sinkers, retrieved from the depths, in the basement, heavier than stale crumbuns.

Come to think of it, "sinker" was the other word for a doughnut.

"Have a sinker," meant digging into a doughnut, a plebian predecessor to the mighty StatNisland crumbun.

Sinkers were also meatballs, in some quarters, at least. The suggestion of heaviness was not lost on the cook.

Important to memorialize the expressions from Old StatNisland. We're like a diminishing tribe of Indians, the SI-expats who have any interest in keeping the traces of the old culture alive, using the term loosely.

-rs :)

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