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Da Ya Know What Tomorrow Is???? Harry White hrwhite Well up here in da Eastern Sierra it is opening day. Opening day of the trout season. People have been pulling into town towing boats and cooler chests full of beer. Tomorrow morning, a few seconds before sun up, fishing will begin. Folks will be lined up shoulder to shoulder along the stream banks and lake shores. Boats will be launched in numbers to match the invasion of Normandy. The poor trout will not know what hit them. I love to watch on opening day. Last year there were 20-30 fisherman at a pool that can support 5. The poor trout were being bombarded with spinners, flys, Power Bait, worms, Velvita cheese, salmon eggs and Uncle Charlies special bait. Every now and then a trout would take a bait. The lucky fisherman would pull back to set the hook and start a chain reaction. All the other fisherman would pull back to set the hook. Bait, trout and lures would come flying out of the water. Lines would be crossed, snagged and looped in the trees. Tempers would flare. I think the trout were laughing, I know I was. Quite a scene to watch.

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