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Vermont Dan Blaine DBLIVIT Well said, RS! I had a similiar experience with the Boy Scouts. I was a Webelos leader and therefore was entitled to sit in (and vote) on a review board for a kid going up for Eagle Scout.

This young man was an exemplary boy scout. He had completed all the merit badge requirements and had done a community project that earned the praise of the local government. On campouts, he went out of his way to help the younger scouts and webelos (the intermediate step between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts), and was looked up to as a role model by the younger kids.

There was one problem when he went up before our board: When asked what church he belonged to, he declared that he was an atheist. His folks backed his decision. Although they were devoutly religious, they respected his right to make his own decision...after all, one of the freedoms we are guaranteed is that of religion.

The Eagle Scout review board however, saw this differently. The leader kept spouting off about "God and Country" being the credo of the Boy Scouts. No amount of discussion could change his and some others' minds. Although I and a couple of others voted for this kid, we were overuled.

The kid quit the scouts, but still went on to college on a scholarship and made a success out of his life. I tendered my resignation as a Webelos leader but stayed on until a replacement was found.

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