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More Elian Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu dadoo

please do not have a mental or physical break down over this issue. pretty please. ok.

i totally agree with you. i truly do. in fact if i could realy type what i personally feel about this whole issue, donna, dj, irena mimi and all the other wild yound rosebuds on this would would blush. in fact the supreme court of this country ( and bob s would not be able to help me) would want me thrown in jail for eternity.

believe me i whole heartly agree with you and the others about this issue.

as far as i am concerned (short, realy short version) is this kid and his father should go home now, yesterday, the day before. end it.

the cubans who call themselver cuban-american(what as crock of bull sh-t that is) should just let it go.

stay calm. let the sleze bags on cap hill have their day. they always do.

i am hopeing the courts will saught this out.

anyway, cheers to you and i no0w have gone thru two fingers worth this evening. i guess i am gonna do anutter four before my boss get s home and complains.

oh yea, my (what do they call it??) oh yea colestarol that stuff that gunks up the tubing --- well it is 160. my doctor is complaining it sud be lower. yea..; who gives a fig....

i gonna live forever. in addition, i'm gonna have my self cloned so there are thousands of me runnign around this planet. that'll fix the dam commies (oops sorry donna i done used da c word -----)


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