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THE POMEROY GROUP - COMBAT Dan Blaine DBLIVIT In the news yesterday: Offenbach, Germany: while excavating a foundation for a new building, a backhoe struck a WWII "blindganger" (unexploded bomb) and detonated it. It destroyed the backhoe and seriously injured the three men working on the site. Luckily, most members of the construction crew were on lunch break.

This happens all the time in Germany. Most construction sites are scanned with detectors before a building permit is issued, but sometimes not all the unexploded bombs are detected. A couple of years ago, a road crew found an unexploded 500 lb'er under a section of Autobahn that I and many others use as a commute road during the work week. They routed us around it for about a week until the bomb was defused and the road put back together.

How lucky we Americans are that we've never had a war at home!...Now if we could only figure out some way to stop the terrorist bombing attacks....

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