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What was your room like? Arthur Anderson Art artnscience-(at) I was writing to a friend and reminisced about the room I had as a boy growing up in Westerleigh at 165 Goodwin Avenue. What was your room like?

The story came about because the friend had remodeled the son's room while he was away.

Since my room was never "modeled" there wasn't anything to remodel. LOL. The celotex walls were like floor to ceiling bulletin board so I filled them with Playboy magazine centerfolds. After staring at the wall everything would look like THIS. I rationalized to my mom that the centerfolds were "art" and the female figure was the personification of beauty....the centerfolds stayed! I also had some real art prints up there as well just to increase the credibility. My buddies were amazed that I was allowed to have them. I suppose they might have wanted to pay me to see my room but I never asked them to.

On one side of the room was my big Lionel train set on table that I converted from one of those old fake jacobean dining room tables with the bulbous legs. The venier had stripped off and now it had grass and roads painted on. I had fancy glass insulators, dials and widgets attached to another wall under a gable so it looked like the controls of a space ship.

A beautiful photo of my mother when she was a 20-something flapper was at the top of the wall near where the two slopes of the roofline made a peak. The rooflines came down to a perimeter of wall about 4' from the floor. This space was filled with orange crates that served as book shelves for a collection of books my mother had mailed home when she was the "correspondent" for Prentice Hall Publishing. It was her job to send free books to Professors so we had a collection of biology and chemistry texts along with lots of interesting novels. I never had to go to the library to check out a book for a book report.

I had plastic model airplanes hanging from the ceilings and clay models of dinosaurs on a plywood table I set up on saw horses...I made hills and lava out of plaster of paris, a lake was a mirror embedded in a plaster border, and I covered the whole thing with sand and miniature bushes from the hobby shop. I think the sand was infested with fleas from my dog... you could see them jump when the sun shined in the window in the early morning.

We did finally "remodel" the room after I left for medical school but you could still tell that a boy had lived there. It was hard to patch the place where I kicked a hole in the wall one time when I was furious over some ugly thing they had said to me while they were drinking. I thought you would like to "see" my room from my memory. So, what was your room like?


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