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Gore vs. Bush Dan Blaine DBLIVIT Read a sci-fi story once (Asimov, Bradbury, ?) and the way the president was picked in the year 3050 was like this:

The candidates as usual, presented their platforms and stances over the campaign period. Then a national lottery was held. All registered voters were automatically put in the (computerized) hat. The night of the election, a name was picked out of the hat. The "winner" was escorted by secret service men to the nearest polling place and cast his ballot...this was the only ballot cast and it determined who would be president. For doing his duty and casting his vote, the voter was given a lifetime pension. He could not participate in any more elections.

Sounds far out, doesn't it?...but it was an interesting twist on the way we do things now with the electoral college and the "heavy" states.

Since the candidates had no way of knowing who would win the lottery, they either had to be all things to all people, or just say what they really believed and hope that the "winner" agreed with them.

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