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I found out on Wednesday, 10/7 that my favorite relative died on May 24. I sent her a birthday card for 10/8, and her husband called me with the news.

She was born Marie Sweeney of Rice Avenue and was married to Gordon MacKenzie (Mac), heir to and owner of the fish market that his parents started. Marie and Mac lived on Diana Trail in Emerson Hill.

Marie was my first cousin, and I had seen her only twice since I left Staten Island in 1948. I think the last time I saw her was in 1966, but she was still my favorite relative. My sister is still torn up about it, almost as much as Mac is.

I wonder if anybody here remembers Marie. She had two boys, Doug and Alan MacKenzie, and my search engine turned up two people with those names on Duer Lane and on Van Duzer St. Does anyone know either of them?

Thanks for listening..

Jim Donnelly

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