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I Thought This Was Our Country, Not Theirs Dan Blaine DBLIVIT I hope the Elian episode backfires on the Miami Cubans and that we now take steps toward normalizing relations with Cuba. I think their whole schpiel with Elian was to get the US government (read here, public opinion) so stirred up that we would demand another “Bay of Pigs” invasion and give Cuba back to its’ "rightful" owners: namely the expatriate Cubans, a lot of whom were the rich casino owners and corrupt landowners that bribed Batista and his crooked government to do things “their” way. I wouldn’t be surprised if a little bit of bribery didn’t take place in the Miami and other court systems to keep this case hanging so long.

Right about here, someone’s going to jump all over me and call me a Castro-loving communist. Not so! I think communism is self defeating and if we normalize relations with Cuba and get the capitalist system there moving again, Cuba will get rid of Castro and communism on its’ own. Economic interdependence between us and Cuba will make it happen.

Tourism is the way to start. Canada’s and Germany’s (to mention a couple) travel bureaus are always advertising vacation getaways to Cuba, and lately I’ve read quite a few Americans are going there but they must go via an intermediate stop…otherwise the state department can have them arrested and fined: isn’t that stupid?

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