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BSC SI Shipyard John Ritter JR Most of the destroyers and LSTs built at BSC actually were completed with extra equipment at the New York Navy Yard in B!@#$%^N. Interesting about the ship torpeodoed, as my dads ships were sunk four times. One was a tanker and he said he would never sail on one again. He was also sunk within sight of Sandy Hook light but it took them three days to be rescued. The steam ship lines payed a little more than the Navy but they cut corners. They watched the notices on ships that sunk and if it was one of thier's they stopped the pay of those aboard the next day. They felt that if you were no longer on the ship they didn't have to pay you anymore! My mom worked for ONI at 90 Church Street and knew where his ship was all the time. This must have been really scary as he made three trips to Archangel' in Nothern Russia.


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