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I Thought This Was Our Country, Not Theirs George Jaenicke grjaenicke Iíve had it with the hail of protests from the Cuban community in this country. Iím tired of them selectively picking and choosing which laws and benefits of the United States of America that they will abide and live by. Now we read that they are calling a general strike in Little Havana. Four Marlins players have elected to sit out tonightís game and were excused by the team from playing. Stamp your foot, kick and scream when you donít get your own way.

The relatives of Elian are upset because they canít see him. Well golly gee how long was the childís father prevented from seeing him because of their actions? But I guess that was all right because ďTheyĒ were getting their way. They are the reason that our government went in with the show of force and took the child away, they were in contempt of a court ruling. I guess that shouldnít matter either, as long as everything was working in their favor, because as long they were able to use the laws and courts of the United States to their liking all was fine.

I canít understand why all of a sudden there is an outrage over the method used by the Federal Agents when they went in and took the child out. What the hell were they supposed to do, knock on the door and say please? Did these outlaw relatives think that they were going to be permitted to stand their ground and thumb their noses at us forever? Iím glad that they finally took the child to his father, his real and rightful parent, and if it took taking him out by force to make it happen, that was the Gonzales familyís fault not ours. They were given opportunity after opportunity to turn the child over and they refused. Isnít it strange that they see nothing wrong in defying that court order, but they want the child held in this country until the courts can finally decide his fate. Talk about a double standard. They make me want to puke.

What are they going to do when the court finally does decide that Elian will stay with his father and be free to return to Cuba? Itís time to stop selectively enforcing the laws of this country for fear of upsetting some specific group of people. Maybe the thing to do is to have the INS go into these areas and arrest and deport those that are found to be here illegally.

Elianís father has shown me nothing to indicate that he is an unfit parent, he has shown just the opposite in fact. Why should this parent be denied the custody of his son because some bunch of half-a**ed relatives want the boy to stay here. The Miami relatives have done nothing but exploit the child, bribe him with gifts and use him for their own personal gain in the five plus months since he has been here. How many times have you seen Elian on live TV past 11:00PM, how many days of school have they kept him out of since he has been here? This is not what I would consider looking out for the childís best interests.

I do look forward to the day that I can turn on the news and Elian is not the lead story or a story at all. I wonder how long the news will cover him when he is happily living at home in Cuba with his ďRealĒ family?

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