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Joke Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Funny, I wuz thinkin' the same thing, and this one had me stumped.

The "I didn't want to wake the kids so I used a bow and arrow instead of the gun" defense looks a little weak from here.

What you save in consideration for not waking the kids you lose in premeditation and deliberation.

Better she should have waked him up and shot hubby coming at her with the knife she threw at his feet as long as she was thinking about it.

If she'd been from StatNisland, I know that's what she'da done.

I don't think "I was cleaning the bow and it accidentally went off" is going to work here either.

She'll be lucky to get manslaughter on the battered woman's syndrome defense, which was invented to take care of this sort of thing. Never saw it used with bows and arrows off the reservation, however.

Next time don't do that, we say. Go to counseling, instead.

Then shoot the bastid.


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