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Morning Coffee Jim Donnelly Artful Codger I make three 12-cup pots of coffee every day . . . just for me. I drink it all day long, nonstop, and I've been doing that since I was about 11. I use any brand, sometimes ground by me, sometimes by the coffee company, as long as the producer hasn't messed with the caffeine. There's nothing on the face of the earth worse than decaf coffee.

But I never understood how come the coffee I make is just not very great. I obey all the instructions that the manufacturer of the gizmo supplied, but they just don't seem to work, and I figured it was just me.

Now I have to thank all you folks for explaining to me that the problem is in the gizmo! You're all absolutely right--it was the percolator that made great coffee, and I guess the gizmos just can't bring it off. What kinda progress is that?

Jim Donnelly
Hyattsville, Maryland

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