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HOFTOPIA HAS A NEW BAKERY DELIVERY SYSTEM Marcene Daniels oldtimer LOL Small bites??? It took about two whole buns gobbled down with a cup of coffee before I tasted them.
I can't believe what a pig I made out of myself. LOL Of course I now am down to about seven out of twenty-four and these precious few, as the song goes, are going out in the freezer and when I can't hold out one minute longer I will bring one in and enjoy the memory of Staten Island and all my friends here on the web and smile toward the right coast and thank George again one more time.

Oldtimer, Marcene

P.S. DBlivitt I am going to get on with my life fast and will be contributing to Hoftopia another chapter soon. Hope to see Liza and Gina and some new authors get going too.

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