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HOFTOPIA HAS A NEW BAKERY DELIVERY SYSTEM Marcene Daniels oldtimer It seems the Queen Mum Old Tymer was down in the dumps after losing her long time companion. She was gabbing on a "chatline" one night and met a new feller.
Said his name was George. Did not know at the time of his connections at all. But Queen Regina said he was one nice feller.
Well what do you think happened? This George it seems has a great side line. He must be one of those angels in disguise we all hear about now and then and never expect to meet up with ever.
ON Easter morn when sitting about wondering how she was going to get through the holiday without showing her despair to her visiting children, the doorbell sounded off.
A mailman was at the door with one of those boxes as big as a computer as old Rumplestiltskin mentioned.
Well Old Tymer was shocked to open it and find two dozen Crumb Buns, packed in popcorn. What a gift this was. Old Tymer was dancing again in her red underoos. She actually had tears in her eyes.
Seems this feller George sent them out to her too. How did we all get so lucky?
Seems the Queen, RS and OT all have been in receipt of a gift package of our dreams. Now the thing to do is make him the Royal Supplier of Crumb Buns International.
Appointed by her majesty, Queen Regina of Hoftopia

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