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How DARE They Fly THAT Flag George Jaenicke grjaenicke On 04/23/2000 4:15:00 PM, BigPaul wrote:
>Hey Rich guess what
>I almost agree with you. Janet
>Reno did the best she could.
>She said from the beginning
>that she wanted to reunite the
>boy with his father. Nobody
>got hurt.

Well this isn't true at all a lot of people got hurt, are you forgetting the cop that was beaten with a bat last night? How about Elian certainly got hurt, and we as American people were hurt too.

Janet Reno did not do her best, She's the Attorney General and said from the beginning that he should be with his father. But she and she alone allowed this to become the political nightmare that it did. Had she acted on this in the beginning , it would probably now be over and everyone would not be in the situation that we all are.
This is what happens when because of her being a political appointee instead of an elected official, she tip toed around the issue so as not to upset her boss.

Cu'mon Paul wake up and smell the roses.

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