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Gore vs. Bush Neal Mulligan neal You know this is very interesting. In economics there is a theorem about consumer indifference. Where products cost the same are of similar quantity and indistinguishable
like bread, consumers are indifferent to which one they choose. Kenneth Arrow an economist from MIT wrote his doctoral dissertation on this subject and proposed Arrows impossibility theorem. Roughly he argued that unless the populous vote entirely for one candidate over one or more others, it was mathematically impossible to distinguish what the voters true choice was. Weighted voting was the only way to show true preference. e.g. I give Gore an 8, Bush a 7 etc. Possibly we should do this to the issues we favor and oppose, then after awhile
try to determine what weights the candidates attach to the same issues. Match the candidates weights to those we previously selected and see if this gives us a clearer picture as to whom we prefer. Worth a try, wot.


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