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Gore vs. Bush Brian Cullen Ace328bc I read an amusing article today by Dave Barry, one of my favorite humor columnists, which included a brief summary of the two candidates for President, as follows:

Al Gore: His strength is that he has been vice president for 8 years, which theoretically gives him a lot of experience. Unfortunately, he cannot remember ever having participated in any official meetings or discussions or anything else that any current or future special prosecutor may or may not find out about. He is in favor of education, the economy, and the Family, and he communicates his views on these topics by speaking in a style identical to that of Mister Rogers when he is reassuring 2 year olds they will not be sucked down the bathtub drain.

George "W" Bush: His strength is that he is the son of former President George Herbert Walker Hoover Franklin Pierce Kennebunkport Bush. His biggest weakness is that he apparently does not speak English, or anything else, as a native language, and thus has trouble when asked trick questions, such as what he thinks. He is also in favor of education, the economy, and the Family.

Both men are also stongly against the use of drugs, at least at this point in their lives.

So there you have it voters! Your exciting choice!
Ointment vs. Suppositories!

* * *

I consider it a duty to vote, but I do not have a clue as to what I will do in November. No doubt there will be much posturing about the Elian Gonzalez thing, which quite frankly while interesting to debate about means very little to me personally.

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