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How DARE They Fly THAT Flag Big Paul BigPaul Hey Rich guess what
I almost agree with you. Janet Reno did the best she could. She said from the beginning that she wanted to reunite the boy with his father. Nobody got hurt. Everybody else just handled it badly. Its a very emotional and sad situation. I know that most people do not agree with me about the flag. As far as I am concerned it is all just symbolism. Thank God in this country we are all allowed to express ourselves.
From my point of view the issues are about people, not politics. Its a human thing. Basically we are all the same and we all want the same things. The people who came here from Cuba did not come because they wanted too. They came to escape. I am sure they would love to go back home. Everybody seems to forget that the people in Cuba do not have a choice in government. They really do not have any choices at all. There choice is only Castro or dying for what they believe in, if they are brave enough to speak there mind and maybe even if they aren't. If you are brought up in that kind of environment it would probably take some time before you could even understand what freedom really is. Now that Elian has had a good taste of freedom his life in Cuba will be that much harder. Good Luck Elian.

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