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A Special Thank You Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu I can't remember (it's the second thing to go on a young fella like me) who did the link to the oldies music.... but thank you, thank you, thank you.....

I enjoyed listening to the midi files and it caused me to get out my old 50's and 60's fake music books (thats a thousnad and one songs) and start playing the accordian again.

my wife (mary) the sweetheart she is, loves it. but most of all, so do I.

I am gonna, teach my grand children the music and hopefully teach them either the piano, the organ or ---- yeaaaa ya all guessed it, da accordian. I got two of em here a 12 bast and a 120 base moddle with electrict all all da gooddies.

got a piano and an electronic organ tooo.....


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