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How DARE They Fly THAT Flag Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu Ok enough ---- I have tried to keep out of this debate because sure as shootin my Winchester and hitting the bullseye at 100 yards is a certain, someone in the Miami office of the Office of Cuba Broadcast, Voice of America will see this and probably get their nose bent out of joint. However, It is time for me to add my opinion, like it or not.

First let me give you a bit of background on why I have not said anything till now.

I use to represent employees at Radio/TV Marti as the former president of the union local. Presently, I am John Q, union member with a past president title. Woopie…..

Second, the reason I am now saying something is because I am personally offended by the actions of the Cuban community in Miami who have dared to twist our Constution and laws for their own personally political gain.

With that said --- on ward I shall dare to travel --- into the mighty jaws of political debate......

Patos, Neal, I thing you two guys are a bit overboard on the issues involved here. Harry, Gina (Love the Flag) and the rest, I thing you guys and gals hit the nail on the head.

I am no Castro lover, but lets get the facts straight about Cuban - U.S. relations.

Castro kicked the Mafia out of Cuba. Yes he runs a dictatorship, but don't tell me this government here in the United States does not act in a dictatorial manner either. It takes years and tens of thousands of dollars for an innocent person to get justice when government agents act illegally or too zealously.

We Americans have no business interfering in another country's politics. The local people should decide that, not us. We originally helped Castro kick the bad guys out of Cuba. When Castro asked us for financial aid to help rebuild the country, we turned our back on him.. That's the short story….

Castro then went and sought help from the Russians. He got it. Problem was, Castro went overboard and then decided to help the Russians put missiles in Cuba. We did a dog and pony show --- which my Naval Reserve unit was put on call for --- to have the missiles taken out. Castro and the Russians blinked --- we won. Woopie doooooo-----

Now we have this Bull feathers of an issue over a small six year old boy who's mother decided she wanted to go to the U.S. and live. Ok fine. If she lived, there would be no issue. However, she died making the trip. Her son survived.

The son's father has made legal claim to him. The Miami relatives and the Cuban government decided politics was in order. The boy became a political pawn.

Then some U.S. politicians decided to get in on the act --- how typically sleazy of them to continue their evil minded ways.

Janet Reno, and I am no fan of hers, attempted to do the right thing --- have the courts handle the issue. The 11th Circuit court of appeals made a decision, that was partially correct and partially incorrect --- most courts do that --- they try to do the Solomon thingie and sometimes make matters worse. However, Reno made the right decision to snatch the boy and give him back to his father who is required to stay here until the court fight is finished at the U.S. Supreme Court level.

I have watched this case since it began. I was the picture the sleaze AP Photo Journalists took. He knew that kind of picture would be looked at incorrectly by the Miami relatives and Cuban community. Most journalists are in the gutter along with a majority of politicians.

I downloaded the picture to my computer here. I have studied that picture extremely carefully, even using my magnifying glass on the screen. The gun is not pointed at the child. It is pointed to the left of the man holding the child. No finger is on the trigger --- usually a no no. and the FBI swat man is looking square at the man, not the child. The FBI guy is also just touching the arm of the man holding the child.

Reno did right this time. The child belongs with his father -- no matter what the politics is all about. The Miami family are wrong, wrong, wrong…..

Ok, now ya can yell back at me if ya want. I'm game.


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