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Happy Easter to ((((ALL)))) Neal Mulligan neal What I remember most were the sunny days and the people walking along the streets after church, all decked out in their new outfits. All the girls wore hats and pretty new dresses. Hats were everywhere, with vails and flowers. All the guys wore suits and ties, I hated that part. The Newspaper would take pictures and everyone hoped they made next weeks roto section. "Play quitely" the adults would caution us--we didn't. Don't eat that you'll spoil...we'd grab it and run off. But god forbid you tore your new suit or the pants. Everyone smoked and the adults sat around talking this or that and casting threatening glances at us when the noise level rose. They seemed to look older than the adults I see today, well life was harder then. And what about the way your aunts seemed to smell? Sort of a stale must, covered up with god knows what in the way of cologne. Always, one of the younger kids would blurt out, Hey how come grandma mmmmph? As his mother covered his mouth.
If they got tired enough of us we would be given money for a movie, 16 cents to go to the Jefferson Theatre. Good times. I miss um.


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