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Happy Easter Harry White hrwhite


     Easter Sunday was special when I was a pre/early teen. I was active in Sunday School and was a church usher at New Dorp Moravian Church. I loved getting up well before dawn. My mother would drive us up to church. We would not be wearing our Easter outfits, we would be wearing comfortable clothing suitable for the early morning temperature. Almost everyone came dressed the same way. This was not the Easter fashion show. This was a group of people celebrating the true meaning of Easter. There was always a brass band playing, "Christ Our Lord Has Risen Today", as the sun came up over a sleeping Grant City. The turn out was not as large as the 1100 AM service, but I always felt the sunrise service attendees were the more sincere worshipers than the group that showed up in their "Easter fashions". Many in that group were seen at church only on the big holidays.

    When the service was over we would stop at Buda Bakery for hard rolls and crumbbuns. The drive home took us past yards ablaze with forsythia, dogwood, daffodils, tulips and budding trees.

     Lunch was decorated hardboiled eggs, sliced or smashed with mayonnaise, on the fresh poppy seeded hard rolls. The family tradition was for everyone to pick an egg with a good pointy end. Two of us would then face each other egg held firmly in hand (pointy end out) and with elbows on the table, on the count of 3 we would try to break our opponents egg by attacking it with your egg. It was an interesting and fun way to crack some eggs.

    It was a wonderful time. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter with your families and loved ones.


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