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StatNisland in SanFrancisco Robert Sheridan bobsheridan GRJ's note mentioned a camera, so I looked for it. It wasn't in the ziploc bags with the buns that we ate at the Caffe Roma. It isn't in the bags I've got in the freezer (I just checked to make sure I didn't have a camera in da freezer compartment) and it wasn't buried in amongst the popcorn. I double checked because the note said it was there. That's why I used my own Brownie from the evidence locker. So I can't tell you where the camera wuz that George mentioned. It's probably on his kitchen counter where the butter for the popcorn was. I know the popcorn was good. I tried some. However my hands were full leaving the Caffe, what with the open box of Crumbuns in one arm and the Bag of Tricks in the other, so I had to sacrifice something, which turned out to be the popcorn. I ran my hands all through that popcorn, looking and feeling. No camera. I know I didn't miss it. I'm pretty good at looking and feeling.


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