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StatNisland in SanFrancisco Gina * Gina On 04/22/2000 7:42:00 PM, bobsheridan wrote:

>I'm terribly sorry! I got
>confused in the head. Not for
>the first time. I gave credit
>for da Crumb Buns to the wrong
>character on the SI-Web.

G- RS ya gotta be careful bout saying that kinda stuff around here some may think ya got the start of "some timers"

It musta been alllllllllllllll that SI Reunion partying ya did the night b 4 with ya Curtis buddy just like "yesterday" when ya wuz a tad bit younger LOL

I'm sure grjaenicke will fergive ya - StatNislander's R like that - yeh they R :)

BTW the Popcorn was "fresh popped" in a StatNisland home air popper, all ya needed was a little salt to suit your taste buds. Now the camera that was in the box - sure hope Ya didn't eat that too thinking it was a big chunk a crumb bun topping...yep we thought of that to - where'd it go ???


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