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How DARE They Fly THAT Flag-Elian Pat O'Shaughnessy patos This morning on Fox Elian's cousin Mara somebody who is the supposed mother figure said to the reporter "Your president and his henchwoman (Reno) were stupid and untrustworthy. He disrespected his house with Monica Lewinski now he disrespected my house by coming in here and taking the kid. This is your country not mine I am Cuban) Not an exact quote but close enough. I'd be willing to bet she and the most of the Cuban community in Miami are Clinton supporters and probably supported his philandering and lies in the past few years. Funny how as soon as things don't go their way they are Cubans first. The other thing that struck me is she never referred to Elian by his name but always as the kid. Shows how much she really cares for him. I strongly suspect that money is that families motivation. Why do they permit the Cubans to riot and break the law any other nationality is held to a stricter standard. If they break the law then they are deported but not the Cubans. I don't dislike Cubans but hate their attitude. Then again they probably don't like me either

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