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How DARE They Fly THAT Flag-Elian Gina * Gina On 04/21/2000 12:28:00 PM, BigPaul wrote:
>I must say that I see a clear
>attitude coming form the
>Cubans down in Miami. The
>attitude I see is a clear love
>for America and the freedom
>that this country affords
>them. It seems to me that they
>might appreciate it even more
>than some of us do. I think it
>is OK for them to fly there
>Cuban flag as long as the
>American flag flies first.
>When they fly the Cuban flag
>next to the American flag I
>believe it is saying that they
>would like to see there home
>country free. They would like
>there family's back in there
>home country to have the same
>freedoms that they have here.
>I can't find anything wrong
>with that.


Obviously I have a difference of opinion here -

The Little Havana demonstrators are a small portion of Cuban exiles living in South Florida and across America, rising to the "keep Elian here in the US" situation. They scream they want America's laws to work for the advantage of a very touchy & emotional "family pull & tug" - The Elian Gonzalez case and keep him here in America.

Very sad that the "US Laws" they want to use, be protected under and are screaming about are not what Lazaro Gonzalez & Family are willing to abide by. In my estimation of following the Elian mess very closely - it seems that no matter what our American agencies try to do to amicably have Elian returned to the arms of his his father Juan Miguel Gonzalez, Lazaro Gonzalez continues to act as though his is the "Jesus pin of a helicopter." Over & over Lazaro & family have continued to stir uP more demands making it impossible to come to terms that would peaceable initiate the exchange of Elian from secondary to primary caretaker.

Having some long time friends in the Little Havana area & living in the County just north of Miami, in my eyes and according to many "local" broadcasts of new media interviews in Miami / South Florida and around the United States regarding the Elian case, ONLY the AMERICAN FLAG should be waving. There is a BIG "how DARE they" population shouting out too that seems to have little space in the national broadcasts.

We have 1 flag here in America...wave it high, wave it proud.

You don't see "castro rallied" Elian protestors in Cuba waving the American flag in Cuba do you?


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