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End of Era - info for DBLIVIT et al. Charlie Joseph CharlieJ DBLIVIT,
I addressed you primarily because through your family association with the Stapes, you knew of my father who played for them and perhaps something of the clan.
The last of my father's bothers just passed away. There were 5 brothers who produced some 17 children. We are now the senior generation of this branch of the family. I am the fourth eldest of the 17, less than 3 years from the eldest. Coincidentally my eldest grandchild just turned 14 yesterday. It won't be too many years before a new generation begins.
I still get up and go to work every morning not feeling very much different than I have for decades. But at times like this I start thinking about my own mortality. And when I count the pages of the calendar that have fluttered by, there's been a lot of them. A whole lot. Right now I feel like the 4th eldest of the senior generation.


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