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Save On Auto Insurance/fund raisers Moore Catholic moorehs

We have been running fund raising Defensive Driving Classes for
Not-for-profit groups for over 10 years.
This year we are presenting the insurance/point reduction class at Staten
Island University Hospital South, Congregation B'Nai Israel, Moore
Catholic H.S. and other locations.
Organizations can raise much needed funds, students save on vehicle
insurance and reduce points. Tuition is partially tax deductible.
If you are interested in a class at your location or at our classroom
at Moore Catholic H.S., call 718-698-7081 mornings during the summer or
from 3-5 PM weekdays during the school year.

DMV approved

The New York State
Reduction Program

Insurance Rate Reduction
o a 10% discount on COLLISION premiums for
three years
o a 10% discount on LIABILITY premiums for
three years, including:
Property damage (PD)
Bodily injury (Bl)
Personal injury protection (PIP)
To be eligible, complete the Defensive Driving
Course (DDC) through one of our approved
training agencies.
Your three year discount will apply to
premiums to all vehicles for which you are
listed as principal operator including:
o Automobiles
o Trucks
o Recreational vehicles
o Motorcycles
Driver Record Points
Four (4) points will automatically be deducted
from the total on your driver record if you have
incurred violations during the 18-month period
prior to completing DDC.
The point reduction could help you avoid a
license suspension! Points which are reduced
remain on record but are not counted by the
DMV in determining administrative actions
against license.
Please note, the point reduction will not cancel
a mandatory suspension or revocation, e.g.
three (3) speeding convictions within 18
months; nor will it cancel any action which is
already being taken .

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