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Vermont Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu mimi

right on girlie.

personally, i don't care what your religiou, sex life or style or whatever is. as long as ya all don't try ta tell me dat i gotta endorse it, except it or whatever.

i will decide what i will whatever.

and you are correct. whatever the court decides or the politicos decide, will not affect my life style let alone my own marriage which has been and will remain --- till death do us part........

fyi, i have been following the same sex marriage thingie in vermount for some time. been reading all the paper articles i have been able to find on the i-net as well as all the legal briefs that i have been able to find.

personally, what ever turns you on --- off --- or inbetween, ain't no ones business but your own.

however, i still believe in the old fashion stuff --- men and women --- god put woman down here for us men to adore and worship.

now don't ask me what women are suppose ta do wit men ok?????

cheers and have a great, happy, holy or what ever easter


p.s. harry, still tink ya still a ok in my book even if you are unable ta fit in a tutu

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