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Elian: my two cents again Neal Mulligan neal Michael Moore is the creator of "The Awful Truth" it would be more accurate to call it "The Awful Lie". He's one of those people who refuses to identify his political status, other than to admit he's a democrat. He rejects labels, oh I know he slips up every now and again with ex-Cubans with yellow stripes down their back, but lets not be picky.
What can be said about him is that he favors good over evil, especially as he sees evil. He's a Good. Now Goods are for the working guy, against corporations, for peace and justice, against war,(Wait, didn't he accused the ex-Cubans of being afraid to fight Castro, maybe I got it wrong.), he's big on literacy too. You know, he can't stop mentioning how the Cuban's licked illiteracy, and the Sandanista's as well. Imagine one hundred percent literacy. The Goods in Nicaragua did it even faster than the Cubans, 9 or 10 months, it took the Goods in Cuba a year or more. What an achievement, every man woman and child reading and writing at an eight grade level overnight. They should do an info-mercial, it would out sell phonics and that math guy together. I can't help but wonder why our education people haven't hired them, what with our ed problems and all. I guess I'm just a cynic but my money would be on the kids from BedSty and the South Bronx to prevail.
Moore also claims that he's against the idiotic ideology of the East and the West. What ideology do we have? He votes, according to him, for McGovern, Carter, Dukakis, Mondale and you know who. So is he saying that they offer an alternative ideology?
He's outraged at the fact that the Holiday Inn turned in a group of Mexican illegals, but isn't that the law? Every time I take A temp position they make me show 2-3 forms of ID. He makes outlandish claims about the dangers of gun ownership, claiming that one is 43 times more likely to get shot after buying a gun. This is not so. Factor out the suicides and its less than 6 times. Factor out convicted felons and you are less likely to get shot than a non-owner.
But, he gets away with it. There appears to be an enormous market out there of decent people who are willing to buy this crap. Worse yet he makes money at it.


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