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Just a quick question, is there any way I can upload .gif or .jpg images to the board? I have a bunch of pictures of old Staten Island that were my Grandfather's and he's going to be 90(!). I also have pictures of the same places taken within the past 5 yrs. I figure that a lot of the former Islanders would like to see the now and then pics along with current Islanders that have no idea what this place used to look like (before the Verrazanno bridge). If you don't want to answer on the board so that everyone doesn't start posting baby pics or pics of their vacations(not vacation slides!!!AAAAHHHH!!!) please feel free to e-mail me with how I can (if possible to) do it. I should have my scanner operational by next month so this is a question in advance so I know what I can do once I have it. Thanks, Tom

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