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How DARE They Fly THAT Flag-Elian Big Paul BigPaul I must say that I see a clear attitude coming form the Cubans down in Miami. The attitude I see is a clear love for America and the freedom that this country affords them. It seems to me that they might appreciate it even more than some of us do. I think it is OK for them to fly there Cuban flag as long as the American flag flies first. When they fly the Cuban flag next to the American flag I believe it is saying that they would like to see there home country free. They would like there family's back in there home country to have the same freedoms that they have here. I can't find anything wrong with that.
As far as Elian goes I do not think anybody has the right to keep a child away from his parent. Even if his parent is a little misguided. At this point I think the child has been brain washed and I find that sad. But I keep Elian, his dad and the Cuban community in my prayers. I hope they come to terms and I hope they find peace and freedom. Wouldn't that be nice.

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