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Before the bridge Jim Obermeyer Dadoo I always thought Lamar was pretty cool. I think he ran the University of TN after his governorship and than back into politics. It's really strange down here cause I know a lot of other New Yorkers from Queens and Brooklyn but we don't seem to hit it off. There seems to be some sort of anti-magnetism between us. I dated a lady down here who was from Westchester a few years ago, and mercy me was she a phenomonol pain in the butt. I get along better with the locals for some reason. I think it's because of the way SI was when we were all much younger. The Queens and Brooklyn folks sort of look at SI as some place they threw there garbage. And they all try real hard to talk like the locals. I've been here 20years and have not lost my accent. People actually like to hear me talk and they say I sound like the in the movie My Cousin Vinny. Hey I own my own business in this hic town and you gotta give the folks what they like to make money. They want to hear my cousin vinny I give them my cousin vinny. But anyway Bob the next time you talk to old Lamar ask him it he has any furniture to be refinished then tell him to give me a call. Also tell him I do all of Congressman Bill Jenkins furniture. He live here in Rogersville and stops by quite often. We've even sat in my shop and drank beers together. And Rich about the snakes your gonna need to check out my next posting called Weedeating Dadoos. There's a snake story in it that's true and happened yesterday. Well gotta go I'm teeing off at 8.

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