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Vermont Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu yep, too many liberal transplants going up ta my dad's home town area.

too bad too. vermount is an extremely beautiful state, especially in the spring and fall. excellent weather too -- despite some heavy snows during the winter....

i use to go hunting up near enoisburg falls with my father in the late and early 70's before moving down here to maryland. even though i didn't get any bambies or winnie da poohs, i loved walking around in the woods. even crossed into canada one time accidently. was told to turn around and go down the hill cross the stream and i would be back in yankee land again. oh welll.

anyway if ya ain't visited vermount, expecially in the north western part, may i recommend you do so. stay a good week, walk around the small towns. you'll find the people are extremely friendly and helpful.....


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