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Has anyone a clue that WebBoard is a program not a unique posting system invented by the SI Webmaster - you can even do a search and find it on the net. Matter of fact you can even send the programmers of Web Board software you comments if you'd like - they appreciate the input from users.

The Staten Island Webmaster supplies the server space, the time & is the one who spent the money to buy the program so people could post.

He's just about as new to the Web Board Program as we are. Did you ever think that there is the Possibility that as updates come along it may get better & better?

Yes it takes a bit of reading "user instructions" etc. and there may some trial & error till ya get the hang of it but most people don't seem to be having much problem with it cause there's lots of posts & over 1600 registered members.

Do I like everything about - not exactly and would especially like to see "todays messages" changed to "Messages The past (7-30) Days" so that people can see lots when they first join which in my opinion might hold their interest more & let them see that it's not a 1 day posting site like many users of the old site thought at first.

I still hold many thanks to the Staten Island Webmaster for giving this site to the community for "FREE" and the reunions that have come about because of the Staten Island Web Site :))

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