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Elian: my two cents again Pat O'Shaughnessy patos Although I didn't write it and consider myself a middle of the roader who will lean left or right depending on the situation I agree with the writer that the kid and his dad are pawns being used by all parties. The kid should be sent back to his dad and they should both go home. My personal belief is that Cubans should have no special immigration rights. I would like to see them all deported back to Cuba. With their attitudes and protests Castro would be going nuts in no time at all. He would be requesting asylum for himself. While I'm no fan of Castro I don't think he is quite the villain he has been portrayed as. Certainly he has never been as bad as the Shah of Iran, Marcos, Saddam Hussein and the rest that we have supported over the last 40 years. Back to the point the kid deserves to be in Cuba with his Dad

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