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Before the bridge C Connelly mcgil On 04/20/2000 6:42:00 PM, Dadoo wrote:
As far as I know
>I'm the only Staten Islander
>in east Tennessee.

Ah Dadoo, you have to visit the big city. There are several former SI'nders in and around Knoxville. My sister, who passed away last year, was one of them.

I've also met a retired SI couple who moved down to be closer to their kids & grandkids. These nice people came to my sister's funeral after seeing that my sister was born on SI & recognizing my parent's names in the funeral announcement. Apparently the woman grew up with my Mom, but they lost touch about thirty years ago.

This proved two things to me. 1. There will always be an unending connection between "before-the-bridge" Staten Islanders, and 2. You may think that you're the only Staten Islander around, but they can be lurking anywhere!


PS. This just reminded me of something. When my parent's moved to Vermont, my Dad subscribed to the Advance. They started arriving and one day the mailman stopped his car and brought the mail to the door. It turned out that he was also from SI and wanted to know if my father would pass on the papers after he finished reading them! It's a small world.

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