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No Topic - Tropical Fish Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu hey dadoo, you is rite dere was a brook dere. i know cuz i fell in it when i was in shorts and my brother in law had ta pull me out. did i get wot for after they all made sure i was ok.

see wot happens wne ya go ta college --- ya forget wot ya real edu cation was all about --- real life experiences. (certain company on this web site exempted of course)

anyway faber pool --- do i member some of my days there -- right down da street from the empire theater when it showed real movies like the red witch wit john wayne and all. den it went to the girlie movies ouch -----
anyway da pool was da place ta bee in da summer. da girlies were getting ta wear less and less and us young bulls were --- well we were having a tough time as ya can image.


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