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No Topic - Tropical Fish Jim Obermeyer Dadoo I use to raise fish too when I was a kid. I had forgotten about the fish store in Bulls Head, I use to go there. I don't remember the one up by the zoo. I also remember the farms. I think the road that goes in front of Henny's Steakhouse is the last remaining section of the old two lane Richmond Ave (except in Port Richmond). I guess like a lot of old Staten Island that area had a major makeover in the last 40 years.
I remember when I was a kid in Port Richmond we had a brook that came across the street on Burden Ave. This brook ran parallel to Richmond Ave and dumped into the kill by Faber Pool. The brook was replace with storm sewers back in the mid sixties. A few years ago my Mother was telling me a that the city sent a surveyor down there and when they told him about the brook, he told them they were crazy, there was never a brook there because it wasn't on the map. I can vouch for the brook...I spent much of my childhood in it.

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