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Dark Day at the Bridge made light again Dan Blaine DBLIVIT This excerpt from the 1997 archives: Nostrivia #47 "Eclectics and Education" is by Joe Jones:

3 - Delaney cards were given out in each class on the first day of school [in my case at NDHS 1958-60] - you filled out your name [last name first] and home room [i'm not sure what , if anything else] at the top and bottom of the card [after rotating the card top to bottom]. They were handed in and were used by the teacher in his [or her] seating plan book. I think they also were used to indicate days you were absent [or cut !!! class]. 4 - One prank I remember [and amazingly enough I just related this story to a co-worker last week] was, if the teacher made the mistake of handing out a bunch of cards without knowing how many they gave out, someone would take an extra card and fill out a fictitious name and home room #. The name was usually something pretty funny and as I recall it always semed to happen in gym class, and someone would use the name HERTZ, DICK. The teacher would call out the name Hertz [at which time the student should reply and the teacher would put the card in the seating chart corresponding to the seat in which the student was sitting].When, of course, no one responded the teacher would say "allright, whose[who's] Dick Hertz, which was always followed by a huge burst of laughter. I never thought about the possibility that the teacher didn't realize what he [Mr. Moschella? or Mr. Ghigliotti] was doing. Ah, the wisdom of age!!!

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