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Elian & Clinton Marguerite Rivas sipoet On 04/19/2000 7:32:00 PM, Rich LaDieu wrote:
>now irene, i normally do not
>let this out, but --- (ya
>gotta keep dis a secret now
>ok??? ya promise?? 0k???) ok.
>yea i did inheal. yep,
>unlike da dip sh-t in da white
>house -- i admit i am a guilty
>of inhaling cigar smoke--- no
>i didn't do no pot stuff cuz i
>was too square at da time ---
>some i was informed by all da
>big shots, but wot da hey --
>how ya be girlie? hey dats
>poetry ain't it?? watta ya
>tink sipoet will tink?? ya
>tink i make a goot poet???

Youse is the premier poet of the vernacular school. Haven't seen such a natural man poet since Robert Burns. Youse is genius writ large, Rich. Whitman would have loved your rhythms and your dialect. Keep it up. I finds myself tryin to emulate youse here and there,
watta ya know? youse gonna find your style writ all over my StatNisland epic youse just watch and see if it ain't so.

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