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hey admin!!!!!! Harry White hrwhite Well it could be da number system. Puters use da binary system. Most humans use da decimal system. Now to make it easier for umans to interpret da binary system used by da puters da humans came up wit several numbering systems dat helps dem translate da binary inta sumpten dey understand better. Foist it was octal, den Big Blue came up wit BCD or Binary Coded Decimal. UNIVAC came up wit By-Quinary and some udder folks came up with hexidecimal. Da Romans liked representing numbers usen letters so according to da Romans we is in year MM. Is dat a candy year or a mousey year? So if ya web page software is published by an Italian woiking at Disney land dare is no reason why da message counter on da site gets confused. As for me I have no troubles understanding what da poor puter is going thru. I jus wish da DRAM RAM woiked faster. I hope dis helped. Harry

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