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Dark Day at the Bridge made light again Robert Sheridan bobsheridan I can't tell ya whose Dick Hertz, but I can tell you what a Delaney Card, is, now that our boy in the Vaterland has dredged up this ancient topic.

It has to do with taking attendance in school.

Not in grades K-6, where you had the same teacher, but in grades 7&8, called "the Department" in PS 29, and in high school, where you moved around to different teachers who couldn't keep track of all the kids because there were too damn many.

So they had a portfolio with pages for each class. In each page for the class, there were slits. In the slits the teacher inserted little slips of card-stock, about an inch by an inch and three-quarters, with the name of the kid on it. The slits corresponded to the rows and columns of seats in the class. Empty seat, no student that day, the teacher pulled the Delaney Card, called the name, like, who's Mike Hunt, is Mike Hunt here today, and after the class stopped laughing, she marked him absent.

That's how they kept track of the kids attendance.

It's also how the wise-guys kept track of which teachers were on the ball.

No real teacher ever asked for Mike Hunt or Dick Hertz.

Don't ask me why.

I never knew.


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